The Project

Interserve Construction is making the improvements on behalf of Suffolk County Council.

About the project

The A140 at Eye needs to be upgraded to allow traffic to use the road safely and efficiently and to also enable traffic to enter and exit the Airfield Industrial Estate which sits next to this busy main road.

The improvement work consists of:

  • Constructing a new roundabout south of Rectory Road and link road through to B1077
  • Constructing a new roundabout on the A140 at Castleton Way
  • Restricting movements at the A140/B1077 junction by prohibiting right turns in and out
  • Closure of the A140/Rectory Road junction

Once completed, the scheme will improve journey time reliability and road safety in the area and improve access to the Eye Airfield Development Area. This will aid the economic development of this area.


The people behind the project​

Meet the members of Suffolk County Council and Interserve who are managing this project.

North roundabout

New northern roundabout with various  crossing points, landscaping, new footpaths and cycleways and an acoustic barrier for local residents. Journeys will be quicker and safer following this work.

South roundabout

New southern roundabout with various  crossing points, landscaping, new footpaths and cycleways. Journeys will be quicker and safer following this work.


The completed scheme will drive regional economic growth, creating 3000 jobs at the Airfield Industrial Estate.

Once completed the scheme will allow all road users to use the A140 and also get to Eye and the industrial estate much easier.

Adding two new roundabouts and an access road will future proof this stretch of road whilst supporting the region’s economic growth and improving journeys through more reliable trip times and a more modern road layout.

How long will it take?

The work commenced in Autumn 2019 with utility diversions, followed by tree clearance in February and Archaeological Investigation in April, with the main construction works following on. In the current situation with COVID19 it is impossible to say how long the works will take, however we will of course work hard to complete this work as quickly as possible.

Will there be road closures and diversions?

We will need to have some occasional road closures to progress the works. These will be at weekends or night time and will be carefully planned to minimise disruption with any closures widely publicised and shared well in advance. We are using a number of channels to inform our stakeholders.

This website, our A140 Facebook page, newsletters and Suffolk Council Twitter feed will be used to keep as many people as possible with up to date information.

Example of our commitment to helping our local communities

Local community

Engaging and informing the local community and our other stakeholders forms an important part of our work to improve connectivity via the A140 and forms the basis of much of our work.

We aim to keep the local community, drivers and many other stakeholders informed about the scheme and its benefits

We are also keen to hear from you with your questions and comments about it. Please email or phone 07917 598686We’d love to hear from you.

As part of our commitment to playing a positive role in the community, we aim to spend at least 80% of our spend locally. We will aim to secure materials, services and sub-contractors from the region wherever possible to support the local economy. This commitment is entrenched in our way of working and underpins much of what we do.

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